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What Skills do I need for my chosen role?

Getting your skills down on paper clearly is a skill in itself!

When we are thinking about our careers and passions we need to know what our key skills are. What do i do well? What do I do naturally? What do I love doing? 

Skills can come in various forms and knowing how detailed you need to go for a job role really depends on how passionate and how important that skill is for you to be able to do that role well.

What skills do i need? What skills will make me the best at my goal? What skills will make me stand out? 

Types of skills you should look to have in your job application:  

HARD SKILLS: A degree, computer programming, machine operation, typing skills

SOFT SKILLS: Communication, flexibility, Leadership, Team work, Time management

Make sure you focus on the skills you can give examples for as you will be asked about those skills at interview so always aim to back your skills up with some experience.

Don't get caught up in listing skills that aren't relevant to the role your applying for. If you want to include them add them in the role responsibilities section or they would probably sit better as hobbies or interests.

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