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Some days the best thing about my job is that the chair spins!

We all have days when the we find that the best thing about going to work is not the job itself but your colleagues or things in the office. If this is the case then it is about time to start thinking about what it is that you enjoy about your actual job role?

What makes you happy in your job and if you can’t think of anything then what is it that makes you passionate in general. What could you do day in and out with limited complaints?

We all have things we know we would prefer to be doing but find ourselves procrastinating. However having a plan and just taking time to think about the things that keep you motivated can really get you that step closer to your dream role.

We discussed this topic and found that we all have days when all we want to do is go home and be in bed and that is not the point of this post. It is if you have a week, month, quarter where all you do when you get to work is think about doing something else with your time. Something that you feel is more useful to your development.

But the struggle is knowing how to get from that stage to getting that dream job. Some of the easiest steps is to plan, get a diary and start making a note of all your ideas. Writing notes on all the things that you enjoy in your job and in your life will get you closer to your goals and it will all come together. When we start thinking about our futures in a positive way rather than procrastinating things start to happen and you start to attract and get closer to those that can help you be successful.

Get help and never think you are alone with your career search because it is one of the hardest things you will do and every stage of the process can be tough whether starting your own business or applying for a new role there is a process to everything and someone available to listen and support you along the journey.

But the first steps starts with you!


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