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Networking the WHY?

Networking is an essential tool in your job search toolbox. To forge new ground to build the career we desire will take learning, engaging, and giving people. What will this look like: Your network must become a more intuitive but powerful referral engine. It must be better than Google.

  1. You can manipulate Google results for the most part, including what others say about you. You can engage people. Thus your network will have first-hand knowledge about you.

  2. Align yourself with the right people who also reciprocate respect and validation of the value you offer.

  3. Nothing is more powerful than people who will speak positively about you without provocation from you.

  4. Great advice that originates from you will have life long after you leave a room. Consistent, helpful advice that resonates with many people when they apply your advice, and it works.

  5. Serving others without expecting reciprocation is often remember and often forgotten. Those who are grateful and remember are your people. Even when you do when no one is looking or able to give you credit is pretty audacious.

  6. Expressing your gratitude also conceives life even to those who don’t know how to reciprocate. It profoundly impacts the listener even if they are not the receiver.

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