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Learn to Rest not Quit!

Press Pause

This year has been a year of doing! Doing anything to stay a float, to keep entertained, to stay connected, to stay ahead of the game. What have you been doing?!?

I felt like I needed to stop everything and just take some time out; yes I wanted to QUIT but what I quickly found is that I just needed to take a BREAK! PAUSE! EVALUATE!

Taking a break is one of the most productive things I have done. Working from home was a norm for me but I was not prepared for working from home with kids and partner or husband at home and calls each morning and evening to catch up with teams but is soon became the new norm and I quickly started to burn out!

I just wanted to QUIT! but I hadn't taken a break - why should l take a break when all I will do is be at home, why should I stop until I feel secure with what I am doing. Well because things quickly started to not work the way I wanted or thought they would.

So I took a break...

Taking breaks allows our brain to refresh, for you to get your energy back and increase productivity and become more creative.

Some ideas for working from home and taking a break:

Change what you are doing and:

Read a book

Run a bath

Phone a friend

Plan a meal

Write or draw - do something creative

Keep fit (if you enjoy that)

Join a community that is local to you

We have so many ideas and will get a list together.

Try these ideas and if things are still not working the way you want them to don't quit talk to us. We have increased our offering to 30minutes for a free consultation as it's important to find ways to cope and balance everything through talking with relevant contacts in your network as well.

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