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Improve your job applications

To improve your chances, focus on the things that support your CV applications and interview chances e.g. not having a cover letter. The most common reasons for rejection include:

* Not addressing the job description

* Not answering the questions

* Not taking enough time to research the job and organisation.

You must be self-critical and revisit your application through the recruiters eyes, considering why you weren't what that they were looking for. The focus should be on what you can offer the particular employer. Succinctly respond to the specific requirements outlined in the job description, with concrete examples.

If you aren't getting interviews, then taking a back-to-basics approach is important. You may be applying for positions that are unsuitable for entry-level candidates. Consider whether the vacancies you're applying for are truly compatible with your skills, qualifications and experiences. Explore what you can do with your degree.

Many graduates have unrealistic expectations as graduates first role is unlikely to be particularly well-paid or high in responsibility. Instead, your first job should be regarded as paid training - and the biggest reward of all is simply getting through the competitive job-hunting process.

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