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I got a Job!

At this time the most valuable and important words someone wants to be able to say is "I got the job" or " I have a job"

After all those applications - I got the job

After all those interviews - I got the job

After all the worry and anxiety - I got the job

As you will be aware there are several people looking for jobs, being laid off since the beginning of lockdown in March - some weeks people have had between 15 - 20 interviews, calls and video interviews to prepare for. It has been an exhausting process with lots of ups and downs for people but the outcome of getting the job and saying those words keeps people motivated to keep going.

Here are some things we suggested to our customers to do to get more opportunities for jobs and we can help you with these:

Optimise your resume and LinkedIn profile

Network whenever possible

Apply for all roles even if they felt they were

Prepare well for all interviews

Once you get an offer, if not what you want negotiate - No harm in asking

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