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With the Furlough Scheme ever evolving, it's important to stay abreast of what the changes are.

From 1 July 2020, employers can agree flexible furlough arrangements with employees instead of full furlough. This means, employees can work some of their normal working hours and be furloughed for the hours that they do not work.

However, employees cannot be placed on flexible furlough (or full furlough) from 1 July 2020 unless they have been furloughed for a minimum of three consecutive weeks in the period from 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2020.  The employer must pay the employee for the hours they have worked and can claim under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for the hours that the employee has not worked while furloughed (the minimum claim period is seven days). Employers must agree the arrangements for flexible furlough with employees individually or under a collective agreement, and keep a written record of the agreement.

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