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Competitive edge! What makes you stand out..

TALENTS Every one of us has a talent, a gift, something within us that we have that is our competitive advantage. That something is actually usually, things that you do easily without giving it too much thought. It's the things that we do for our family and friends without blinking an eyelid. It's almost as though this thing is second nature to you and you could do it with your eyes closed. At TMR Career Advisors, part of our Career Coaching is about finding out what talents you have within you. We often find that people are so focused on what they don't have that they devalue that which they actually do have. Oftentimes these very things are the things that will enable people to progress and excel within their desired career path or within their business. It is so important to take time out and reflect on the things that you do, especially ones that you have been doing for many many years and can do without thinking. These things are often the very competitive advantage that you need to progress and to market yourself with your desired future role and ventures. You often have it already!

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