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Boost Employability

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Being unemployed when you are graduate, made redundant, changing jobs, getting back on to the job market provides you with the opportunity to devote time to building your skills.

Employability-boosting ventures include internship, learning a new language, or volunteering; You can really take control of your future, so make it count.

Those struggling to make the breakthrough that they are waiting for should take the time to develop an action plan of achievable mini-goals such as:

* Improving your CV / Resume

* Gaining extrawork experience

* Developing aspeculative job-seeking approach

* Job hunting using social media

* Finding new vacancy sources by market reviewing.

* Networking

Perhaps the most underappreciated way of finding work is through networking. More than 60% of jobs aren't advertised publicly, and even those positions that are frequently go to the most well-connected applicants. You should be looking to meet or connect with new people whenever you can through industry events and social media.

Employers often have to wade through hundreds of online applications for a single role, and

sometimes the best way to capture their interest is by getting your name and motivations out there.

You could even try introducing yourself to a potential employer. They're usually happy to answer phone enquiries, and a call can help you to stand out.

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