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2021 Job trends

Here are a list of topics we can discuss in our career coaching sessions.

If you want to discuss any of these then keep an eye on our website and social media pages or book a call today.

  • Remote work will have a hybrid of employees’ work-from-home and to come into the office.

  • For employers and recruiters will have a broader pool of talent because of remote work.

  • Rarely will there will be a local or regional job search for many industries.

  • Salary will differentiate and see what happens will London salaries and commuters.

  • The job seekers who will win in 2021 are the ones who do the research and target companies and employers directly.

  • Learning what’s comfortable and uncomfortable and to adapt what’s best.

  • Can you ask for a raise in 2021? What are some things you should consider? The easy answer is YES you have to know your value.

  • Stepping up and getting noticed is positioning yourself for a better future. Is it appropriate since we’re in a pandemic? Defintiley using all the Virtual tools to start showing your experience.

  • What will be effective job search strategies for students in 2021

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