The Team

Tendai Sharon Opadere

Brand Specialist

After graduating with a Business Management and Marketing degree I felt like I had my career all figured out – until I started working. Having worked in the private sector at the start of my career and now being in the charity sector as a Project Manager my journey to develop my own career has been a learning curve with some trials, errors but mostly lessons.  All of this has led me here, ready to keep growing and wanting to help others in their journey. Which is why I believe TMR can help you enhance your career, whether its realising your potential or just making your job search easier, whatever it is you need we are and happy to help.

Munashe Onakade

Career Specialist

After graduating with a Psychology degree, I started working in Recruitment helping people find the right jobs. Individuals' change their career and progress in their roles frequently. With over 5 years of Global experience in various recruitment sectors I have been lucky enough to work with various people with varying levels of experience and this allows me to provide various options for an individual to use to decide on their best fit. TMR’s strengths are in helping people and because of our experience in the Market we know we can offer you honest and invaluable career advice.

Rumbi Sharleen Mutopo

 Career Specialist 

Having majored in Organisational Psychology and Management in undergrad in South Africa I started my working career in the United Kingdom with jobs in a Bank Call Centre and Administration in public health sector, struggling to get my academia noticed and go into my career aspiration of Human Resources. After a couple of years I started in Recruitment where I spent 7 years in public and charity sectors and completed my Masters in Human Resources Management then went into Employee Relations. At the beginning of my career the struggle to align my knowledge, ‘foreign’ academic qualifications and limited work experience was really hard and l often find quite a few  people in the same predicament. There is a gap between people having vast amount of knowledge and/or ‘foreign’ qualification and work experience and getting an opportunity within the desired career. l believe TMR can help individuals who need to bridge this gap by equipping individuals with what they need to help them to be recognised for the knowledge, skills they already possess and market themselves to prospective employers.

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