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I needed TMR for "career advice" and an update on the "job market." TMR was up to date on job market trends and they provided information on different roles and potential earnings. This is useful when planning a role change or a career move. Advice given was not generic and I felt that my needs were catered for. It was an outstanding experience. I would recommend to TMR from new graduates up to senior management level
Chemical Engineer – Surrey

I needed TMR for career advice, CV update and assistant with job interview. TMR were trustworthy and very helpful. They were able to assist with all that I required. Firstly, they helped by advising me about the job market, then with my CV and layout to suit the type of job I was looking for. TMR acted just like a mentor by helping to resolve CV and career queries I had. It was such a great experience as I felt like I was not alone.

Accountant - Surrey


I was looking for some support with an application process I was doing and wanted to check if there was anything I could do to tailor my CV according to this application. I was busy and I needed to get help and advice before my deadline and they offered a free consultation so I could see if this was the best option for me. They were able to quickly help and understand what I needed through their experience, which made me feel at ease to go further and use their services. TMR were able to tailor and update my CV according to my new career choice and give advice on the best way to answer my application form. With their input I was able to obtain an interview for this role. I found TMR service very personable and tailored the discussions specifically to my needs. They took the time to listen and then deliver a quality response. It is worth getting in touch and getting some ideas on applications and CV formatting. I would recommend this to all my family and friends especially mature students with loads of job experience and the ones changing career, as there is a lot of advice that you can get about the market and your career from them.
Placement Manager – London
As a reserved person and l have always found it difficult to express myself in line with my acquired skills in an interview environment. TMR went through my CV highlighting the key skills that would make me stand out in my interviews. This gave me the confident to focus and express those particular skills in any interview coherently.
I like the communication aspect not only where they respectful in communicating what i need to do they were directly involved in every step leading to my interviews making sure i was in the right frame of mind. The experience with TMR was life changing and boosted my confidence which has helped me in my career. They made me believe in myself. I would recommend TMR to everyone looking for a new career or want to change roles and in doubt of not having the required skill.
Property Manager - London
My dealings with TMR have been very professional as they were open and honest in giving me career advice and updating my CV. I got in touch with TMR as I needed career advice on Board governance as my work involves Board Directorships and I chose TMR as they have the recruitment experience and have worked with mature individuals and C level executives. TMR were great as they were fast to respond, dependable and have a network and ideas on which they can draw information. Their solution showed that they have the experience and will go out of their way to help and discuss options and avenues on where I could get the most relevant introductions to very good companies. I liked their friendly approach, fast turnaround, good database and a very respectable way of dealing with my level of experience.It was a satisfying experience and value for money. I'm now able to do more work as result of them and know how to keep connected in the market. I would recommend the business to others especially those that need career advice and companies they can work with. Non Executive Director of Companies - Working Global 
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