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Running a business isn't always easy and sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to focus on profit margins and the workforce. This is where TMR steps in.

Systems And Policies 

In order to run your business effectively, your employees need to know the expectations, standards and processes that you have for them and for the business. All of which can be clearly laid out in comprehensive policies. We offer a variety Processes and Policies. We ensure that these are specific to your business needs.

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Onboarding And Training 

Onboarding is the action or process of integrating employees into the business. We offer employers the opportunity to have a stress free and seamless onboarding experience.


We do this by helping them with the whole process from designing an interview process and creating an onboarding schedule for each department, this will help them to recruit and integrate employees efficiently and effectively into their business. 

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HR Policies
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