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TMR have extensive experience in Recruitment and HR and so it was only right for us to build on our network and work with clients to support their businesses and hiring needs.


With an excellent reputation in the market for our integrity and always delivering excellent customer service we have been able to support and deliver on various tasks and roles for your business.

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What we offer

What we offer?

We offer full 360 support for recruitment business owners by offering flexible or fixed fees.

We work to a project management methodology which means that one of our team will be your dedicated project manager supporting you through your entire business plan so we can improve all areas. 

Want to know more - BOOK A CALL TODAY!



TMR excelled in their listening skills when discussing the type of people we required. This resulted in them only sending candidates which fitted the criteria. I very much appreciated this as it saved me time, sitting through CV’s

Sales Director - Retail Market

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