Who we are 

First and foremost, TMR Career Advisors believes in providing an open, honest and professional service to our clients. We are a service delivery focused business and understand how important our work is to our client’s.

To this end we always seek to manage expectations honestly and professionally. We understand that getting into the job market, completing job applications, interviews and career development is always a challenging period. Which is what drives our commitment to help people through these various challenges to a successful end.

Our mission 

We are Minorities and as such want to provide a place where all individuals can get advice and a personable service for their career development with the aim of successful outcomes for their career goals and business aspirations. 

Our Vision

TMR is the evolution of CV / Resume writing for everyone focusing on Minorities. With transparency, meaning and respect being the key to our approach, as we act as a trusted advisor for your career journey. We engage and create your CV / Resume to a set quality and standard to clearly present your abilities and capabilities to your potential employer. 

We understand what companies are looking for in a "Great CV / Resume" and tailor your CV / Resume to best present you, the individual. Delivering with swiftness, accuracy and commitment, we can refine and improve your job search. 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.


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